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Following on from my blog entry yesterday about how our GSOC students are doing…

Olli Savolainen, our usability specialist, has a Moodle Tracker meta-issue MDL-19586 for his project Moodle UI consistency improvements and has written some progressive disclosure guidelines in addition to being active in the Using Moodle forums.

Mihai Sucan has been busy making lots of changes under the hood of PaintWeb as part of his Paint tool project. See Mihai’s blog post PaintWeb has a new user interface for details and have a play with the latest PaintWeb demo!

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I’ve just been catching up on a very significant discussion currently taking place in the general developer forum – Navigation 2.0 implementation plan – about our proposed plans for improving the general navigation in Moodle, including blocks, layout and themes.

Please see Development:Navigation 2.0 implementation plan for the full details. As Tim says in a forum post, “… if you have not already engaged with this, now would be a good time.”

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Season of Usability

Following a forum post by Olli Savolainen (who completed the Moodle Quiz UI usability project last year) about the Season of Usability, I’ve submitted an application for Moodle as an OpenUsability project. Support for improving the Moodle’s usability would be great!

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Tuesday testing

I’ve tested a variety of issues today, as part of our weekly code review, including a very old bug which was reported on 28th April 2003 (long before I’d even heard of Moodle!) – MDL-381. Thanks to Sam Marshall, Moodle 1.9.5 onwards now includes a move forum discussions usability improvement – a Move button.

I also checked that all pages in the documentation wiki which mention Moodle 2.0 requirements, such as Installing Moodle, now correctly state PHP 5.2.8 as minimum.

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Thinking about usability

Today I’ve spent some time looking at MDL-6160 from a usability perspective. Tim and Petr had added a new feature to Moodle 1.9.4 – email notification of course requests – and I suggested possible forms for the admin setting. The issue has lots of votes, which is probably why Tim and Petr chose to fix it.

I also created a new issue in the tracker – MDLSITE-591 – Create a welcome template for new Moodle Docs contributors. I added regular documentation contributor Chris Collman as a watcher, hoping he’d like to help. Sure enough, within a short time, Chris had come up with some suggestions.

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