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More Moodle twitter accounts

Like many of you, I’m using twitter a lot more these days and I often search for tweets containing the word moodle to find out what Moodlers worldwide are up to.

Yesterday I set up a few more Moodle community sites twitter accounts. Thus, the full list is now:

There’s also my own twitter account, twitter.com/moodlehelen, in which I tweet about news from all the Moodle community sites.


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Moodle twitter

It seems that an increasing number of people are twittering about Moodle! TweetMeme, a twitter links aggregation service, have set up a Moodle channel moodle.tweetmeme.com for following all the latest Moodle tweets.

As mentioned previously, useful forum posts are shared via twitter.com/moodle. If you’re interested in Moodle development, you may wish to follow twitter.com/moodledev. I use twitter.com/moodlehelen to tweet about Moodle community news.

If you’re into twitter, why not edit your profile on moodle.org and add your twitter ID and the twitter tag as an interest.

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MoodleMoot hash tags

Having read the article Cannot Get to a Conference? Get on Twitter (thanks to my twitter mentor for the link), I’ve just checked that all the upcoming events in the moodle.org calendar include a hash tag, and have updated the list of tags in use in Standard Moodle tags.

If you can’t manage to attend one of our upcoming MoodleMoots, you can always get live news reports instead by monitoring the event’s hash tag!

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I’ve just returned from a wonderful week at the Oklahoma MoodleMoot where I met many amazing people. The Moot was special in that there were lots of new Moodlers, so the hands-on sessions were particularly popular. It was great to be able to talk with new Moodlers about their first impressions of Moodle.

There were plenty of MoodleMoot OK tweets, and as a result I decided that I should begin twittering too – see twitter.com/moodlehelen.

A big thank you to everyone for making the Oklahoma MoodleMoot such a success, especially Matt Campbell for his superb organisation and Metro Technology Centers for hosting the event.

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Great news for My Moodle users: Mike Churchward is planning major improvements in Moodle 2.0 (MDL-19124). Please join the discussion New Tracker Item for My Moodle 2.0 Improvements.

For the full list of features planned in Moodle 2.0, see our Roadmap. If you’re watching this page in the documentation wiki, you’ll have received email notification that the system requirements have recently been updated.

A few weeks ago I blogged about Moodle twitter. Thanks to Martin D, we now have some guidelines for tags: Standard Moodle tags.

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Moodle twitter

Martin D was chatting to me today about the free social networking and micro-blogging service Twitter. We were kindly given the moodle twitter account about a month ago, and so we’re now using it for Moodle news. According to Martin, at the recent UK MoodleMoot, “the twitter use was mad, but really, really worked“.

In order to easily find MoodleMoot twitter messages, it would be good if we could come up with a standard way of tagging events which is easy to remember. If you have any ideas, please join Martin’s lounge discussion A standard naming scheme for Moodle hashtags.

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