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I’ve just returned from a wonderful week at the Oklahoma MoodleMoot where I met many amazing people. The Moot was special in that there were lots of new Moodlers, so the hands-on sessions were particularly popular. It was great to be able to talk with new Moodlers about their first impressions of Moodle.

There were plenty of MoodleMoot OK tweets, and as a result I decided that I should begin twittering too – see twitter.com/moodlehelen.

A big thank you to everyone for making the Oklahoma MoodleMoot such a success, especially Matt Campbell for his superb organisation and Metro Technology Centers for hosting the event.


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This week I’m off to the Oklahoma MoodleMoot (#mootok09). I’m really looking forward to meeting lots of familiar faces from moodle.org, as well as chatting to newer Moodlers about their experiences.

I’ll be sharing stories from the Moodle community in my presentation, including “Moodle millions?”, “Spam – such a scandal!”, “Which wiki?”, “Moodle ecstasy”, “Our Knight in shining armour”, “Gradebook goings on”, “Moodle and Microsoft” and “Resources revelations”.

You can find lots more interesting stories about Moodle in the Moodle stories forum.

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