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More and more MoodleMoots

When I posted in the moodle.org news on 11 February 2010 about Upcoming MoodleMoots around the world, I wrote

… there are ten MoodleMoots coming up in the next six months.

Since then, I’ve been informed of several more upcoming MoodleMoots, and so the post now reads

… there are fifteen MoodleMoots coming up in the next six months.

Thus, if you’re interested in meeting up with other Moodlers in person, you may like to check the post again to see whether there is a MoodleMoot happening near you.

If you’re organising a Moodle conference and you’d like it publicized on moodle.org, please post in the Conference News and Announcements forum (source: Moodle.org FAQ). For the benefit of Twitter users (myself included!) please remember to specify a standard Moodle tag for your event.


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MoodleMoot hash tags

Having read the article Cannot Get to a Conference? Get on Twitter (thanks to my twitter mentor for the link), I’ve just checked that all the upcoming events in the moodle.org calendar include a hash tag, and have updated the list of tags in use in Standard Moodle tags.

If you can’t manage to attend one of our upcoming MoodleMoots, you can always get live news reports instead by monitoring the event’s hash tag!

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I’ve just returned from a wonderful week at the Oklahoma MoodleMoot where I met many amazing people. The Moot was special in that there were lots of new Moodlers, so the hands-on sessions were particularly popular. It was great to be able to talk with new Moodlers about their first impressions of Moodle.

There were plenty of MoodleMoot OK tweets, and as a result I decided that I should begin twittering too – see twitter.com/moodlehelen.

A big thank you to everyone for making the Oklahoma MoodleMoot such a success, especially Matt Campbell for his superb organisation and Metro Technology Centers for hosting the event.

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Amsterdam MoodleMoot

Yesterday I had an enjoyable and interesting time at MoodleMoot NL 2009 in Amsterdam. This is the fifth Dutch-language MoodleMoot, with the location alternating each year between Holland and Belgium.

In my presentation ‘Moodle community op weg naar 2.0’ I talked about some of the new features in Moodle 2.0 and about how the Moodle community can help 2.0 come sooner. Martin Langhoff gave an entertaining presentation about OLPC and Moodle, mentioning ideas for simplifying Moodle by removing lots of options. Another highlight for me was the presentation ‘Mahara + Moodle = Mahoodle?’ by Koen Roggemans and Richard van Iwaarden. Copies of many of the presentations are now available from MoodleMoot NL 2009 handouts.

A big thank you to everyone for making the Moot such a success, especially Ned-Moove, the Dutch language Moodle organisation, for organising everything (in just two months!) and to Pieter Nieuwland College for hosting the event. Meeting other Moodlers in person is always special.

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German MoodleMoot 2009

Last week I attended the German MoodleMoot 2009 in Bamberg and met lots of really cool Moodlers, including Ulrike Montgomery, Sigi Jakob-Kühn, Stephan Rinke, Gisela Hillenbrand, Czech language pack maintainer and developer David Mudrák, Moodle4Mac‘s Ralf Krause and Moodle Themes designer Urs Hunkler.

I especially enjoyed the ‘Dr Moodle’ sessions, where people could drop in and have their Moodle questions answered and any problems fixed.

Many thanks to everyone for making the event such a success, particularly the organisers University of Bamberg, Bayerischer Volkshochschulverband and Moodle Partners moodleSCHULE and eLeDia.

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