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Moodle4Mac for PPC

A few days ago I received a nice surprise from Ralf Krause:

Dear Helen,

it’s your birthday … yes … really!

I built a new version Moodle4Mac with XAMPP. XAMPP 1.7.2 for Mac OS X is the newest product from Apache Friends and it works on a PPC prossessor. You will find the download on the Moodle server. Look at http://download.moodle.org/macosx … I hope you will like it!

Moodle4Mac is a product of your German Moodle Partner Moodleschule e.V.

Best regards, Ralf

Thus, the good news for anyone using a Mac with a PPC processor is that there is now a Moodle4Mac 2.0 dev package they can use! A big thank you to Ralf for building and maintaining the Moodle4Mac packages.

The Moodle for Mac OS X packages and the Moodle packages for Windows help people without access to a web server to easily install Moodle on their computer.

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