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Moodle.org turns upside down

If you’ve visited moodle.org today, you’re sure to have noticed something odd about the site. As someone (whose identity I won’t reveal!) messaged me:

Hi Helen, sorry to bother you, but I just logged in, via the Moodle.org front page and the panel on the right of the log in was, mostly, upside down. Weird! I know, I do not drink, nor do I smoke funny green cigarettes (I actually lead a singularly boring existence, apart from when I am Moodling :) ) but I am not imagining it. The blurb between the heading and the “this is not your school web site” was really upside down…

There were several reports of the problem in the Moodle Tracker (MDLSITE-895, MDLSITE-896 and MDLSITE-897), the forums (Everything upside down!! and Is the backwards text an April Fool’s day prank?) and even in Moodle Docs (Forum module revision).

As I posted on this day last year (Moodle 2.0 surprise), Moodle has a history of celebrating April Fools’ day. I hope you all had a laugh at Martin’s little trick!

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In case you’ve not yet noticed, an ADL certified SCORM 1.2 logo is now displayed on the front page of moodle.org. After months of waiting, Moodle 1.9.5 has finally been certified SCORM 1.2 compliant (MDL-19706)! Congratulations and a big thank you to Piers Harding and Dan Marsden for all their work on the SCORM module.

If you’re into Moodle trivia, you may be interested in the following. Last week in our developer chat, Martin was asked which font was used for the Moodle logo. His answer was ‘Soul Papa‘.

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