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This week we welcome Tomaz Lasic to the Moodle HQ team in Perth, Western Australia. Tomaz has a Masters Degree in Education (Research) and will be working for Moodle HQ as an Education Researcher.

Congratulations to Tomaz on his new position, and congratulations also to Sam Hemelryk, who has been promoted to Senior Moodle Developer at Moodle HQ. According to Martin, Sam’s promotion is

due to his general pro-activity, quality code and good communication.

Other news from Moodle HQ is that the new office in Lord Street, Perth, has been painted orange.

More photos of the new office are available in Martin’s New Moodle HQ Flickr set.

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The Moodle HQ team in Perth is increasing in size and now includes six developers. The latest addition is Andrew Davis, who has been helping out with QA and small bug fixes since he began a fortnight ago.

Meanwhile, European HQ members are looking forward to the upcoming Moodle hackfest in the Czech Republic in a week’s time, where no doubt Moodle 2.0 will be the hot topic of conversation. Also on the agenda for discussion is Moodle 3.0!

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Nicolas ConnaultToday Moodle HQ says farewell to developer Nicolas Connault.

Nicolas joined Moodle HQ almost three years ago in December 2006. His work has included unit testing, the Moodle 1.9 gradebook, gradebook improvements in Moodle 1.9.5, blog improvements for Moodle 2.0 (MDL-19676) and over 350 bug fixes!

In addition to writing code, Nicolas has been a particularly helpful Moodler in the Using Moodle forums, a mentor for Google Summer of Code in 2007 and 2008, a documentation writer, and has added variety and artistic appreciation to our developer chat through his observations and daily photos.

A big thank you to Nicolas for his contribution to Moodle and best wishes for his return to university next year.

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I’m pleased to announce that our Moodle HQ team in Perth has a new member – developer Rossiani Wijaya. Rossiani has already been assigned several 1.9 bugs to investigate, though the HQ page is still awaiting a photo of her in front of a Moodle orange wall!

Please note that we’re still looking for another developer and a project manager. For details of these positions, see the adverts Moodle developer and Moodle technical project manager in our Moodle Jobs database.

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I’m pleased to announce that our Moodle HQ team now includes another European member – long-time Moodler David Mudrák.

David has developed several contributed modules, including the popular Stamp collection module, and is currently rewriting the Workshop module for Moodle 2.0 (see the discussion Workshop 2.0 screeshots for the latest developments). In addition, David is a Czech language pack maintainer and runs the Czech Moodle community site moodle.cz. David has been around on moodle.org for quite some time – more than 6½ years according to his profile!

David will be working from the same office as fellow-Czech Petr Škoda (skodak). I hear that David has already started painting the office walls an orange colour to match Moodle HQ in Perth!

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