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I’m very pleased to report that our GSOC students, Andrei, Jose, Olli, Mihai and Alberto, have passed their final evaluations with flying colours! Congratulations everyone, and thanks, as always, to our mentors.

We’re currently setting up test sites for several of the projects and evaluating the code for possible inclusion in HEAD.

Please see GSOC/2009 for test site links plus links to developer blogs in which each of our students have written a summary of their summer of code working with Moodle.


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GSOC projects nearing completion

With less than a fortnight to go till the official GSOC ‘pencils down’ date (17 August 2009), our students, Andrei, Jose, Olli, Mihai and Alberto, are well on their way to completing their projects.

This year, for the first time, we’ve encouraged students to keep a blog of their progress. See GSOC/2009 for blog links together with links to tracker issues and discussions about the projects. As always, comments and feedback are much appreciated.

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I’m very pleased to report that our GSOC students, Andrei, Jose, Olli, Mihai and Alberto, have all passed their mid-term evaluations with flying colours! Congratulations everyone, and a big thank you to our super mentors. approve

Our students now have another month to complete their projects. After a final evaluation period, the results of GSOC 2009 will be announced on 25 August 2009.

Please help our GSOC students by providing comments and feedback about their projects. See GSOC/2009 for all discussion and tracker issue links.

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Following on from my blog entry yesterday about how our GSOC students are doing…

Olli Savolainen, our usability specialist, has a Moodle Tracker meta-issue MDL-19586 for his project Moodle UI consistency improvements and has written some progressive disclosure guidelines in addition to being active in the Using Moodle forums.

Mihai Sucan has been busy making lots of changes under the hood of PaintWeb as part of his Paint tool project. See Mihai’s blog post PaintWeb has a new user interface for details and have a play with the latest PaintWeb demo!

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GSOC student progress – part 1

With a fortnight to go till the GSOC mid-term evaluation period, I’ve been taking a look at how some of our students are doing.

Alberto J Varela has created his first patch for offline integration (MDL-19286) as part of his Google Gears integration and has described his work in his blog post First patch and exams.

Andrei Băutu has posted some initial screenshots of his record audio repository plugin in his blog post First glimpse.

Jose Cedeno has chosen a name for his Blog-style course format – ‘Timeline’, and has been joining in a number of discussions in the general developer forum.

Please see GSOC/2009 for links to discussions, tracker issues and developer blogs for all our GSOC projects.

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With just over a week left of our GSOC community bonding period, I’ve been checking how each of our six students are getting on. Everyone now has a blog for keeping the Moodle community informed of their progress etc – see GSOC/2009 for links. Nearly everyone has a project specification in Moodle Docs, and has posted in one of the Using Moodle forums asking for feedback.

I’ve also been checking any new/updated entries in our front page databases. Fortunately I have lots of help with approving database entries (thanks to all our volunteers assigned the role of non-editing teacher), though sometimes Moodle Jobs database entries need amending to ensure they comply with the Trademark License for Moodle. The Moodle Jobs database currently contains around a hundred adverts for Moodle-related jobs offered and wanted.

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We’re about half-way through our GSOC community bonding period and students Mihai and Jose are already engaging with the community in discussions about their projects – see Thoughts on the paint tool interface and What would you like to see or have in a blog-style course page format?

Elsewhere on moodle.org, there’s an interesting discussion in the themes forum, Helping visual designers affect Moodle, started by Ian Grivois from Canada’s leading distance-education provider, Athabasca University.

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