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Our documentation wiki, Moodle Docs, has a nice feature for users browsing in one of the 27 languages other than English. If you view a page which is not yet translated, a message is displayed encouraging you to translate it and also providing a link to the English version of the page e.g. http://docs.moodle.org/nl/backup/restore. Thanks to Moodle developer and Czech language pack maintainer David Mudrák for figuring out how to do this (MDLSITE-90).

This feature came up in our developer chat when deciding upon the wording of the 1.9.7 upgrade notification message. Rather than having lots of explanatory text in Moodle, a neater solution is simply to include a documentation link.


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Password salting

Today I have been learning about password salting, a method of making encrypted passwords more secure and practically impossible to crack. Please see the documentation Password salting for the collected wisdom of posters in the forum discussion Moodle Salting and in our developer chat.

Elsewhere in Moodle Docs, I loved a talk page comment regarding a typo fix from documentation writer Chris Collman to Tim Hunt:

Keep doing the heavy lifting, sometimes I will find a grain of sand to put in the right place.

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Three months ago I received a message from Colin Fraser asking whether he could start a page in Moodle Docs called ‘Beginning Administration FAQ’. Of course my answer was “Yes please!” as everyone is welcome to contribute to our documentation wiki.

Beginning Administration FAQ grew very quickly and so Colin started another page Beginning Administration 2 FAQ with further advice for new Moodle administrators.

Naturally Colin is now included in the documentation writers group in Using Moodle and was recently added to the particularly helpful Moodlers group too, based on his forum posts being rated as ‘useful’.

A big thank you to Colin and all our documentation writers and particularly helpful Moodlers for the valuable user support they provide. From updating the Community credits, I found that seven new people have become particularly helpful Moodlers in the last two months!

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Moodle features list

This week I’ve been working on a list of Moodle features in a format suitable for setting up test cases. We’d like Moodle 2.0 to be extremely well tested during the beta period, so the plan is to ask the Moodle community for help with user testing in addition to running unit tests.

Moodle Docs also includes a page describing Moodle’s features for people new to Moodle: Features. The page urgently needs updating though. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Resources for new developers

If you’re thinking of developing a new module for Moodle, you’ll be interested in the latest addition to our developer documentation – the NEWMODULE documentation, thanks to Daniele Cordella. The comprehensive documentation includes a tutorial, a reference, FAQ and even information on adding capabilities.

Another useful resource for new developers is the course Introduction to Moodle Programming which guides users through the process of developing a new block.

A big thank you to all our experienced Moodle developers who have written documentation to help new developers. It’s great that the Moodle community is so friendly and welcoming!

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Moodle Docs upgrade

A big thank you to Eloy for upgrading all the Moodle Docs wikis (28 in total!) We’re now using MediaWiki version 1.13.5. The upgrade was mostly security fixes, with a few improvements, such as the nicely laid out Special Pages page.

If you come across any bugs in our upgraded Moodle Docs, please use MDLSITE-657 to report them.

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Lots of people have contributed to our Installing Moodle documentation in the past three years and, as a result, the page has become very long. Chris Collman has kindly stepped up to the challenge of rearranging all the information over several pages. Help in reviewing the changes would be appreciated.

Historical note: Prior to Moodle Docs, a small amount of documentation was included in the moodle download package. Here is the installation documentation before it was transferred to our documentation wiki: moodle/lang/en/docs/install.html.

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