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Today I finally got around to renaming and recategorising database documentation pages about the database module to ‘Database activity module‘. Hopefully this will reduce confusion between the activity module and Moodle’s underlying database.

The database activity module, which enables students to create, maintain and search a bank of record entries, was added to Moodle 1.6 by Martin D. It became popular overnight and so was added to Moodle 1.5.4 too.

The database activity module was heavily tested on moodle.org via three front page activities – the Modules and plugins database, the Themes database and the Moodle Buzz database. The creation of a database for ‘all known Moodle modules, hacks and plugins’ was extremely well-received by the Moodle community, as prior to then, contributed code had been scattered across Using Moodle as forum post attachments.

A presets feature was added to the database activity module in Moodle 1.7, allowing database activities to be easily shared. A variety of presets are available for download from the database for databases in the Moodle Exchange.

What does the future hold for the database activity module? As it’s quite similar to the glossary module, it has been suggested that glossary data could be ported to the database module and the glossary module removed from Moodle! (Source: Some feedback on the database module in 1.6dev)


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