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I’m pleased to announce that Moodle now has two hundred developers with CVS write access! We aim for a transparent and open development process and welcome contributions from the whole user community.

CVS stands for ‘Concurrent Versioning System’, a commonly-used way of managing source code for large software projects. CVS keeps all versions of all files so that nothing is ever lost, and usage by different people is tracked. It also provides ways to merge code if two or more people are working on the same file. All code and all versions are stored in a central repository (source: Development:CVS for developers).

In addition to Moodle’s source code cvs.moodle.org/moodle, the CVS repository also includes areas for contributed code cvs.moodle.org/contrib and for language packs cvs.moodle.org/lang. Thanks to our contrib coordinator, Anthony Borrow, and our translation coordinator, Koen Roggemans, for managing access to these areas.

According to the software metrics site, Ohloh, the contrib folder contains well over a million lines of code (source: https://www.ohloh.net/p/moodle_contrib). For further details of contrib, please see Development:contrib.


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