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The future of the Book module

One of the most popular contributed plugins in CVS is the Book module (source: Moodle download statistics). It enables teachers to create multi-page resources with a book-like format, and is maintained by Moodle HQ senior Moodle developer Petr Skoda.

Many people have requested for the Book module to be included in the core Moodle. The Resource module refactor in Moodle 2.0, in which the resource types are converted into separate modules, makes it much easier to add further resource-type modules, such as the Book module. However Petr says that the Book module will remain a contributed module for 2.0, but will hopefully be included in Moodle 2.1 core. If you’d like the Book module to be included in the core Moodle, please vote for CONTRIB-283.

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