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Searching the Moodle tracker

These days I spend a fair bit of time searching the Moodle tracker to check whether problems with Moodle i.e. ‘bugs’ have been reported previously. I’ve discovered it’s not difficult to end up with thousands of search results! Thus, over time I’ve refined my search techniques. Here is how I usually manage to find what I am looking for:

  1. Follow the Find issues link.
  2. Select Moodle as the project and if necessary click where indicated to refresh the search menu.
  3. If the problem has a very obvious component e.g. Quiz then select it.
  4. For 2.0 bugs, select 2.0 as affected version.
  5. Think of a word or phrase which is specific to the bug, such as an error message, and enter it in the text search box.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click View.
  7. Click the Updated column header to sort the search results so that the most recently updated issues are listed first. Generally any search results which don’t appear on the first page are pretty old and so far less relevant.

I usually find what I’m looking for by browsing the summaries on the first page of the search results. If not, then I conclude that the bug has not been reported.

Perhaps you also search the tracker in this way? Or maybe you can suggest further tips for improving search results? If so, please add a comment below.

If you come across a bug in Moodle but don’t have much time to search for it in the tracker, please just create a new issue for it. Don’t be afraid of creating a duplicate issue, as it’s better that bugs are reported twice than not at all!

Finally, many thanks to everyone who reports and comments on tracker issues. Your help is much appreciated!


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