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MoodleMoot hash tags

Having read the article Cannot Get to a Conference? Get on Twitter (thanks to my twitter mentor for the link), I’ve just checked that all the upcoming events in the moodle.org calendar include a hash tag, and have updated the list of tags in use in Standard Moodle tags.

If you can’t manage to attend one of our upcoming MoodleMoots, you can always get live news reports instead by monitoring the event’s hash tag!


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Have you ever considered rating any useful forum posts in Using Moodle? Here are my reasons for doing so:

  1. Ratings make useful posts easily identifiable for others browsing the forums.
  2. Ratings provide feedback for forum posters.
  3. Particularly helpful Moodlers are calculated based on forum ratings.
  4. Useful posts are highlighted in the recently rated posts block on the Using Moodle course page (which uses the RSS feed from http://moodle.org/useful).
  5. Useful posts are shared via http://twitter.com/moodle. (As a recent twitter convert, I especially appreciate the value of this!)

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I’m pleased to announce that demo.moodle.org now has a new course – Romeo and Juliet Sample Unit – thanks to Lesli Smith of Moodlerooms.

The course includes a variety of activities, and course participants are arranged into two groups, Montagues and Capulets.

Our demonstration site provides the opportunity for you to explore some of Moodle’s features as a student, teacher or administrator. It’s no problem if you make a mess, as the whole site is reset to a clean state every hour. The site is regularly updated and is currently using Moodle 1.9.5+.

If you don’t have a separate Moodle site for testing, then demo.moodle.org is a good place for checking whether a certain bug affects all Moodle sites, or just yours, and whether a bug has been fixed in the latest stable release of Moodle.

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Following on from my blog entry yesterday about how our GSOC students are doing…

Olli Savolainen, our usability specialist, has a Moodle Tracker meta-issue MDL-19586 for his project Moodle UI consistency improvements and has written some progressive disclosure guidelines in addition to being active in the Using Moodle forums.

Mihai Sucan has been busy making lots of changes under the hood of PaintWeb as part of his Paint tool project. See Mihai’s blog post PaintWeb has a new user interface for details and have a play with the latest PaintWeb demo!

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GSOC student progress – part 1

With a fortnight to go till the GSOC mid-term evaluation period, I’ve been taking a look at how some of our students are doing.

Alberto J Varela has created his first patch for offline integration (MDL-19286) as part of his Google Gears integration and has described his work in his blog post First patch and exams.

Andrei Băutu has posted some initial screenshots of his record audio repository plugin in his blog post First glimpse.

Jose Cedeno has chosen a name for his Blog-style course format – ‘Timeline’, and has been joining in a number of discussions in the general developer forum.

Please see GSOC/2009 for links to discussions, tracker issues and developer blogs for all our GSOC projects.

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Moodle Exchange

Looking for inspiration for your Moodle course? Or perhaps you have a great glossary or other activity which you’d like to share? If so, please check out the Moodle Exchange, where you’ll find databases of glossaries, database templates, Scorm packages, quizzes and even courses. A big thank you to Paula Clough and Dan Marsden for developing and facilitating the Moodle Exchange.

We can look forward in future to being able to share courses very easily via a community hub. See the community hub specification for full details.

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I’ve just returned from a wonderful week at the Oklahoma MoodleMoot where I met many amazing people. The Moot was special in that there were lots of new Moodlers, so the hands-on sessions were particularly popular. It was great to be able to talk with new Moodlers about their first impressions of Moodle.

There were plenty of MoodleMoot OK tweets, and as a result I decided that I should begin twittering too – see twitter.com/moodlehelen.

A big thank you to everyone for making the Oklahoma MoodleMoot such a success, especially Matt Campbell for his superb organisation and Metro Technology Centers for hosting the event.

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