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I’ve just posted in the news forum announcing our Proposed Moodle 1.9.5 gradebook usability improvements and requested help with testing and feedback. Thanks to Nicolas for implementing all the improvements on our 1.9 test site.

Elsewhere on moodle.org, Portfolio API developer Penny Leach is also requesting help with comments about her proposed Moodle LEAP2A implementation.

Comments and feedback from the Moodle community are greatly appreciated, as they form a valuable part of our Moodle development process.


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With just four days to go till the GSOC student application deadline (see Google Summer of Code 2009 Program Timeline), we’ve already received quite a few interesting project proposals.

The lists of easy bugs in 1.9 and easy bugs in 2.0 are coming under close scrutiny as prospective students fix at least one Moodle bug before their application is considered. Tim provides a nice explanation of why we’ve introduced this requirement (for the first time this year) in his forum post in the GSOC 2009 course Greetings from Tim.

If you’re a student thinking of applying to work with Moodle for GSOC 2009, please see Applying to work with Moodle for GSOC and feel free to join our jabber chat gsoc2009@conference.moodle.org.

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I’m hoping I’ll be able to publicize our proposed gradebook improvements in Moodle 1.9.5 very soon now, perhaps tomorrow!

Thanks to Nicolas for further improving the ‘Edit categories and items’ page (MDL-16913) so that columns for weight and extra credit are only displayed when necessary.

(To be added to Moodle Docs: Weight is only available for grade items within a category with weighted mean of grades aggregation type. Extra credit is only available for grade items within a category with either Mean of grades (with extra credits) or Sum of grades aggregation type.)

Elsewhere on moodle.org, I came across an interesting discussion: Plugin, module, block – what’s the difference? Perhaps we’ll get around to changing the name of the Modules and Plugins database one day!

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Last year, we had very little contact with potential GSOC students before the student application deadline. This year, we’re going to “provide support for potential students in the application phase, hang around the IRC channel, help create patches etc.” as recommended in our GSOC mentor debriefing, and in doing so, hopefully encourage lots of good students to apply to work with Moodle.

Thanks to Dan Poltawski and Penny Leach for hanging around irc://freenode/moodle, and to Eloy for setting up a jabber chat gsoc2009@conference.moodle.org.

Mentors, please help adding/amending skills required and difficulty level for each project listed in our Projects for new developers and add your name to any project(s) you’d like to mentor. Also, please remember to join our gsoc2009 jabber chat!

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GSOC 2009 gets underway

The GSOC 2009 student application period is now open, and our GSOC 2009 course already has a number of enrolments!

If you’re thinking of applying to work with Moodle for GSOC 2009, please see our GSOC application template.

If you’re a core developer and would like to help with mentoring a project, please sign in to http://socghop.appspot.com/ and follow the ‘Apply to become a mentor’ link. Thanks to the five developers who have already applied.

PS If you have any ideas for new features in Moodle which might be suitable as GSOC projects, there’s still time to suggest them. Please see Development:New feature ideas.

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German MoodleMoot 2009

Last week I attended the German MoodleMoot 2009 in Bamberg and met lots of really cool Moodlers, including Ulrike Montgomery, Sigi Jakob-Kühn, Stephan Rinke, Gisela Hillenbrand, Czech language pack maintainer and developer David Mudrák, Moodle4Mac‘s Ralf Krause and Moodle Themes designer Urs Hunkler.

I especially enjoyed the ‘Dr Moodle’ sessions, where people could drop in and have their Moodle questions answered and any problems fixed.

Many thanks to everyone for making the event such a success, particularly the organisers University of Bamberg, Bayerischer Volkshochschulverband and Moodle Partners moodleSCHULE and eLeDia.

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In addition to our statistics on Moodle sites, moodle.org community growth and Moodle downloads per month, available from Moodle statistics, we now have further statistics available on downloads of plugins, patches, language packs and more – see Download statistics.

The top three plugin downloads are currently:

The top three language pack downloads are currently:

  • Russian – 21 per day
  • Portuguese (Brazil) – 29 per day
  • Spanish – 96 per day

(All figures are averages from the last 60 days.)

Thanks to everyone for sharing their plugins and patches, and to all our language pack maintainers.

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