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Extra credit and grades over 100%

There’s an interesting discussion currently happening in the Gradebook forumNew feature discussion: Extra credit and course total scores above 100%. Thanks to Michael Skwara for starting it. These kind of discussions are just what we need to help us decide upon the best solutions for some of the less straightforward issues in the Moodle Tracker.

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Moodle Docs upgrade testing

I’ve been helping Eloy with Moodle Docs upgrade testing (MDLSITE-657). Due to our hacks (for displaying real names etc.) there’s lots to test before upgrading the production wiki. Any help is much appreciated.

I’ve finally got around to switching to Ubuntu after my Windows XP became unbearably slow. It’s fantastic! I should have made the switch ages ago. It seems that an increasing number of people are discovering the benefits of open source – see BBC News – UK government backs open source.

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Simplifying the gradebook

I recently discovered that there are lots of gradebook capabilities which provide an easy way of simplifying the gradebook for teachers, and made a start on documenting them – see Simplifying the gradebook.

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Our gradebook improvements meeting this morning was useful. We discussed possible ways of providing summary statistics in the gradebook (MDL-18163) and concluded that more community input would be helpful in coming to a decision – see the discussion Summary statistics in the gradebook. We also talked about showing categories in the gradebook user report in a similar way to the categories and items page (MDL-17991). Thanks to Paul Ortman for his patch.

After noticing quite a few people posting in the forums about their site being hacked and asking what to do, I started a page in the documentation wiki: Hacked site recovery. Thanks to Petr for checking and improving the page.

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We now have a new community discussion course/area/forum (I prefer the word ‘course’) for Hebrew Moodle. Thanks to Yaniv Cohen for offering to facilitate it.

Elsewhere on moodle.org, the Moodle Buzz contains an interesting Ofsted report: Virtual learning environments: an evaluation of their development in a sample of educational settings. 14 of the 18 colleges surveyed were using Moodle.

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I’ve realised we need to start working now on our Projects for new developers list for Google Summer of Code 2009. Please see the discussion Wanted: New feature ideas for GSOC projects for more details.

I came across some interesting ideas on managing GSOC from another Open Source project, DrupalSoC 2009: We need a team (or, webchick’s braindump about SoC) and SoC Team Sign-Up Wiki Page-O-Rama.

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Further security improvements

I’ve come across several security improvements in today’s weekly code review, including the implementation of a spam cleaner tool (MDL-17144) and links in the security overview report for fixing any unsupported role assignments (MDL-18041). All being well, these improvements, together with lots of bug fixes, will be available in tomorrow’s weekly download packages.

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