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Gradebook tabs navigation

I’ve been chatting with Nicolas about tabs navigation for the gradebook and he’s kindly implemented my initial ideas. Please see the discussion New gradebook navigation – Tabs and/or MDL-18004 for more details.


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Moodle server availability

Every now and then, I have problems accessing one of the moodle.org sites (quite often with moodle.org itself, though hopefully that should change in the near future) and wonder whether there’s a problem with the site, or with me. I was happy to hear that there is now a way of checking – see http://moodle.org/stats/network.php. Moodle CVS mirrors are also listed.

In the event of http://moodle.org/stats/network.php being unavailable, there’s also http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/moodle.org.

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Online developer meeting

Our online developer meeting today was interesting and informative. Highlights included Martin D going through the Moodle 2.0 planning document, Nicolas Connault demonstrating GSoC student Daniel Servos’ animated grade statistics report, and a discussion about the possible use of templates in Moodle.

For anyone who missed the meeting, a recording is available here: Developer meeting January 2009. Meeting notes will be available soon.

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Gradebook unresolved issues

Working my way through the list of unresolved 1.9 gradebook issues, I’m finding lots of good ideas for improving gradebook usability. Thanks especially to Matt Gibson for all his issue reports.

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Gradebook common use cases

I’ve made a start on Development:Gradebook use cases. Hopefully lots of people will add further use cases which will help us in planning gradebook improvements.

I discovered today that there are quite a few grade capabilities which can be not set (or prevented) in order to simplify the gradebook for teachers.

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LSU gradebook

I’ve been looking at the LSU gradebook, as MDL-17807 has lots of votes. The simple grader report is really nice, with the option to scroll grades while students stay fixed, and quick editing for fast paced editing of grades for either grade items or students.

I’ve also been learning more about the flexibility of the Moodle 1.9 gradebook. Alternative reports can easily be added as plugins, with visibility controlled by a capability.

Please see the work-in-progress Development:Gradebook improvements for proposed gradebook improvements based on the list of popular gradebook issues. (Remember to vote for the issues you most want to see fixed!)

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AJAX forum rating

Tuesday is weekly code review day, and I’ve been looking at a usability improvement – MDL-17364 – AJAX forum rating. Thanks to Eloy for this improvement, which you can see in action in the moodle.org forums and which will be included in Moodle 1.9.4 onwards. See the Forum ratings documentation for more details.

Hopefully in future, AJAX can be used to improve database and glossary entry rating too!

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